Collection: Hamilton Night Market Collection

The Hamilton Harbourfront Night Market (HHNM) is an annual event that originated in 2019 by two passionate food vendors. Raised in Hamilton, one of the vendors had a vision to bring culture and meaningful experiences to the city.

HHNM aims to emulate the busy nightlife and night markets all over different parts of Asia where people spend all hours of the night eating, shopping and enjoying the company of others.

Now, HHNM is proudly organized by Sprout Organization. Sprout is a non-profit organization that focuses on youth development by providing students with leadership training and team building skills. Sprout also provides a platform for entrepreneurs and new local businesses to showcase their talents and passions year after year at events that cater to hundreds of thousands of attendees. Sprout works at building communities of vendors in different cities by providing opportunities for growth and connection. Sprout provides guidance to entrepreneurs looking to start new businesses.